A Superior, Eco-Friendly Clean For A Healthier Home & Work Environment

A Superior, Eco-Friendly Clean For A Healthier Home & Work Environment

Are you wondering if professional housekeeping is for you…..

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Bee Natural Residential and Commercial Cleaning Service

So glad I found Bee Natural. I’ve struggled with finding a good fit. I’m very picky on the cleanliness of my house and few meet my level. Since I just don’t have the same time I used to spend cleaning I needed to hire help. I also don’t like harsh chemicals either. It’s the perfect fit! They are so friendly, efficient and good at what they do. I have a lot of decor and was amazed by how well they remembered where everything went. Which means a lot to me. 10/10 would recommend and have!

Ali Rideau

Emily and Jude | Founder of Bee Natural Cleaning

Meet the Founder

Emily is Bee Natural Cleaning’s founder, an entrepreneur, and certified clean freak. Soon after Emily and her husband Ben welcomed their first child she was unable to find a high-quality cleaning service that did not use toxic, chemical laden products with harsh synthetic fragrances. So she set on a mission – Combine environmentally friendly housekeeping, professional excellence with a focus on providing job opportunities for working moms and give customers a truly clean home.

Elevate Your Productivity With An Office Cleaning Service

We help big and small businesses with their cleaning needs in Central Texas. Make the best impression every time while refreshing your office and energizing your team.


We are extremely proud of our community and actively support local charities. We are also committed to Samaritans Purse Honeybee Program. They provide a starter hive, beekeeping equipment and training for struggling families around the world. The bees not only polinate plants, but the honey and beeswax can be sold to pay for education, healthcare and other needs.

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