We love products that are making cleaner homes and a cleaner planet a higher priority.  Our passion is giving you a sparkling clean and fresh home free of harsh chemicals, odors, fumes or harmful residues.

Products Used by Bee Natural Cleaning

Method Good For Wood

Non-toxic, plant-based daily cleaner that safely eliminates dust and dirt from wood surfaces. It also tackles grease and grime, leaving nothing behind but a light shine and pleasant almond scent.

H₂Orange₂ by EnvirOx

Premium, patented formula that combines cold-pressed Orange Oil and hydrogen peroxide to clean, deodorize, degrease and sanitize.

Simple Green All Purpose Cleaner

Powerful cleaner and degreaser designed for effective and environmentally safer use on all washable surfaces. The biodegradable formula easily removes tough dirt and grime without chemicals that can harm people and the environment.

EnviroCare Glass Cleaner

Glass Cleaner that leaves glass and mirrors streak-free. Green Seal® certified to ensure lower impact on the environment. Phosphate free and biodegradable — contains no corrosives or hazardous ingredients.

Vital Oxide

Think of all the things that touch your kitchen countertops. Raw meat, unwashed produce, keys. Vital Oxide harnesses the power of oxygen to tackle tough messes. An EPA-registered disinfectant that can clean and disinfect, effectively killing 99.9% of viruses and bacteria. No toxic chemicals. Better for your family and the planet.

BioClean Hard Water Stain Remover

Eco friendly yet effectively removes: Water spot stains, mineral deposits, soap scum, mildew, rust, paint over spray, and oxidation deposits. Safe to use on pools, aquariums and septic tanks. With non-chemical, non-acidic ingredients, Bio-Clean is safe to use on glass, shower doors and even pots and pans!